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From SW Forest:

Thousands of years ago - long before King Solomon built his famous Temple from the cedars of Lebanon - The North American Aboriginal people along the lush, mist-drenched North Pacific Coast used tall, majestic cedars as a mainstay of their culture.

They split wide boards of cedar for their shelters and tribal long-houses, and for their burial coffins. They fashioned dug-out canoes from sections of cedar trees. They wove the stringy bark into blankets and clothing, and used the aromatic cedar boughs for bedding. Their most spectacular use of cedar, however, was the distinctive carved totem poles - obelisks commemorating long-past tribal events. Because of its importance to them, the Aboriginal people called these cedars "trees of life."

Captain Cook and Alexander Mackenzie marveled at the size and beauty of cedar. Early pioneers relied on western red cedar's durability and unique cutting characteristics to make their homes. Cedar provided the ultimate roofing and wall material in extreme weather conditions.

Western red cedar's rich history continues to this day
making Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles the authentic choice.

Western red cedar (thuja plicata), has played an important role in the building of America throughout the past century. Cedar shingles and shakes have graced the exteriors of countless thousands of homes, from modest cottage to stately mansion.

The main reason for red cedar's enduring popularity in shingle and shake form is its long-lasting beauty - its rich earthy colors, its warmth, and its subtle patterns of texture.

In today's era of machine-made synthetics, cedar's natural warmth and visually satisfying richness, harkening back to an older, more relaxed time: a timeless quality that continues to make Western Red Cedar shingles and shakes popular with discriminating architects, builders and homeowners.

Cedar Shingles
Few things about a house reflect the discriminating taste of the homeowner and the design presence of the architect as thoroughly as a roof of red cedar shingles. The versatility of shingles makes them a perfect material for all styles and settings - adding a complimentary touch of rich, warm color and lasting sophistication.

Walls of Enduring Red Cedar
Cedar shake and shingles both offer many exciting possibilities when used on exterior and interior walls. In fact, cedar is probably the only material that can be used to good advantage over an entire home visually pulling the roof and walls together to form one decisive, continuous impression of good design - alive with rich visual appeal.