Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Here are a few reviews from past customers (references available).



Jess L.

Berkeley, CA

So a couple years ago, we bought this rambling old Berkeley cedar-shingle house.  The shingles were in bad shape, mostly original, with a few poor repairs patched on here and there.  It was looking pretty bad when we bought it. The house is listed on the Berkeley Historic Register and we wanted to bring back its former glory.

We settled on Oliver Govers' company after getting estimates from a few sources.   At all points during the estimation process he was prompt, responsive, and flexible.  He came up with multiple options for replacing some of the shingles versus all of them if we wanted to space out the cost.   We were even a little bit flaky on our end because we'd just had a baby, but he was patient and worked around our schedules at all times. (I'm surprised to read that other review and can't help but think there was some miscommunications - Oliver was SO consistent in replying to us no matter what.)

The work itself was meticulous.  For example, the visible nails on the corners are perfectly patterned and symmetrical.  Also, our house is very, very strangely shaped and there are many corners of the siding that are only visible from a specific angle out of a specific window.  Those odd bits were just as perfect as the most prominent front facing portions of the siding.

Oliver and his crew also proactively fixed many minor things as they worked - gutters, funky flashing around the chimney, etc. - even though that wasn't part of the job. Since we purchased our house we have had many people working on it... it needed a lot of TLC.  Contractors, plumbers, electricians, landscape folk, etc.  In terms of both the quality of work and how easy it was to work WITH them, Oliver's company was by far and away the best person we have yet hired to work on the house.

Since we had the house re-done I've become a bit of a cedar shingle nerd, and I've gotta say... the other companies installing most of the shingle siding around Berkeley just aren't doing work that's in Oliver's league.  The bottom line is, if you have a shingled home needing siding replacement, you would be doing yourself a huge disservice not to call Oliver and get him on board.


gabe w.

Brooklyn, NY

I totally cosign with Jess L's review. I could not recommend Oliver any higher. We were also totally in the middle of fixer-upper contractor madness & Oliver was by far the most prompt, cool & professional person we worked with. We ripped out all our old  post-war asbestos siding  & Oliver made our house look awesome. He also proactively took care of a lot of trim, siding & electrical (!) issues for us. He was also great at coordinating with our painting contractor. The neighbor said "You guys went from having the ugliest house on the block to having the nicest." Most of that goes to Oliver!



yelp stars

Carmelita R.

Berkeley, CA

Oliver's crew has worked extensively in the Elmwood neighborhood of Berkeley.  We found out about him by word of mouth and looked at a bunch of his houses before contacting him.  Our home was build in 1905.  In addition to total re-shingling, it needed to have insulation installed, painting, and some plumbing/electrical work done at the same time.  His crew worked well with all the other outfits.   More importantly, Oliver's guys were PERFECTIONISTS -- total evenness of the spacing and tightly woven seams.  They were real craftsmen.  It was a pleasure to work with them.



Yelp stars

Chris K.

Amherst, MA

My wife and I owned a home in the Elmwood neighborhood of Berkeley that was in desperate need of a new exterior. I researched several contractors and brought them all out for an estimate. All responded on a timely basis but Govers Sidewall Shingling stood out as the obvious choice. Oliver was friendly, attentive, professional and did EVERYTHING he said he would do. He showed up on time, worked quickly and efficiently and never tired from the job or the "surprises" that inevitably show up when you open up an old house. For example, one potential major setback occurred when during the inspection process we were required to add a layer of flame proof board to the entire side of the house because of the proximity to the neighbor. Oliver took it in stride, took the time to do the work and kept going till the job was perfectly done. My only regret is that since we've sold the property and moved east we don't  have G.S.S. to hire again if the need occurs.


Jennifer C.

Moraga, CA

Oliver and company did a beautiful job replacing our old ugly shake siding with lovely cedar shingles.  They removed the old shake siding cleanly, cleaning up every day which was important since I have young kids running around.   He even alerted us to some potential water damage and leaking that they discovered during the removal process - catching what could have been a potential big problem down the road.  The shingles were placed by hand, with great attention to detail.  We got 3 quotes on our project and his was the middle price, very competitive and a great value compared to the other quotes.  Oliver is a very nice guy, and very easy to work with - very trustworthy and you can tell he cares greatly about his work and your project.  We are very pleased with our new exterior and the work he did!


Robert L.

Oakland, CA

Govers Sidewall Shingling has installed sidewall shingles on several of our projects over the last few years. He and his crews are always pleasant and their work perfect, they leave a clean job site at the end of the day, every day. The finished product is always outstanding.
Oliver is a hands guy, he is involved on every project personally.
Robert L.
Capo Mastro Group



Mario S.

Oakland, CA

I am the owner of a local high quality remodeling company that has been using Govers Sidewall Shingling for over 20 years. He is one subcontractor that I do not have to worry about. He is on the job himself, has high standards, uses top quality shingles, and once he starts completes the work without interruptions. If the job is large, he can bring in skilled shinglers to help. If the job requires unusual layout or patterns, he can handle that as well.
If there are details to work out -and there usually are in remodeling- he has good ideas and is willing to spend the time to arrive at a good solution.
I  recommend him highly.